Milanka Noveska

Milanka Noveska is an influential Opera Singer with a devoted following. She is active both as a soloist, and a member of professional choirs. Milanka has performed in numerous opera houses and concert stages in Romania, Macedonia, Germany, Sweden and Serbia, among others. Completed Bachelor and Master's degree in singing and singing pedagogy at the National University of Music in Bucharest, Romania, and continuing with her second Master's at the Stockholm University of the Arts (Department of Opera) from August 2022.

At only nine years old she started her musical jurney when she sang the duet ''La ci darem la mano'' from the opera Don Giovanni together with the bariton Boris Trajanov and the National Philharmonic Orchestra. With the remarkable musical guidance and experience since young age, she has obtained a special vocal versatility that allows her to perform various musical styles, and fit in with different kinds of vocal groups as well.

Over the years she has performed in various opera houses, concert stages, and cultural institutions such as: The National Opera House in Bucharest, The Comical Opera House in Bucharest, The Macedonian Opera House, Romanian Atheneum, National Radio House in Bucharest, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and many other. She has studied opera from mentors such as: Milka Eftimova, Aleksandar Stefanoski, Alexandru Badea, Bianca Manoleanu, Cristian Mihailescu, Alexandru Petrovici, Andra Tabacaru, George-Emil Crasnaru, Marcin Habela, Slavica Galic, Vesna Ginovska Ilkova, Aleksandra Kocevska, and others.

Roles that Milanka Noveska is known for are: Carmen from the opera "Carmen" - G.Bizet; Tisbe from the opera ‘’La Cenerentolla’’- G.Rossini; Cherubino from the opera "Le Nozze di Figaro"- W.A.Mozart; Mercedes from the opera "Carmen" - G.Bizet; Eboli from the opera "Don Carlos"- G.Verdi; Romeo from the opera "I Capuleti e i Montecchi"- V.Bellini; Mazet from the opera "La Colombe" - C.Gounod; Child2 from the opera- ‘’Magic Flute’’- Mozart; Nun in musical- ‘’The sound of music’’; Opera choir member in opera ‘’Le nozze di Figaro’’- Mozart; Opera choir member in opera ‘’The cat in boots’’- Cornel Trăilescu. She is also very familiar with Choral Symphony, as well as Classical Lieder in different languages.

Awarded and praised, along with her 22 national and international awards in singing, solfeggio, piano competitions, and other, she has been awarded a medal for ''The best student of the generation'' in 2019, as well the award ''Patron of the City St. Clement of Ohrid'' in 2013, for her efforts of promoting art worldwide. The rest of the awards are listed down below:

*2020- Third prize on the Emil Rotundu canto and piano international online contest, Bucharest, Romania.

*18-24 March 2019- First prize on the competition for solo singing Victor Giuleanu- Bucharest, Romania.

*June 14th 2018 -First prize, and Excellency special award Margaretă Andriescu, Romania.

*October 22th 2018- Excellency special award Remus Georgescu- Lugoj, Romania.

*April, 27th 2013- First prize in the State competition for solfege, and second prize in the State competition for piano- Skopje, Macedonia.

*April 2013- First prize, solo singing, in the State competition for solo singing in Skopje, Macedonia.

*April 19th 2013- Special award for the best musical talent in the State competition held in Tetovo, Macedonia.

*December 14th 2012- First prize, solo singing, in the international competition Lazar Jovanovik Belgrad, Serbia.

*November 24th 2012- First and second prize for chamber music in Kavadarci, Macedonia.

*April from 24th to 27th 2012- First prize on the State competition for solfege- Skopje, Macedonia.

*March 31st 2012- Third prize, solo singing, on the international contest Bruna Spiler, Herceg Novi.

*March 16th 2011- First prize, solo singing, on the State competition for solo singing, Macedonia.

*April 9th 2011- First prize on the State competition for solfege- Skopje, Macedonia.

*March 27th -First international prize, solo singing, in Arangelovac, Serbia.

*2009- First prize on contest for writing English essay held in Struga, Macedonia.

*2009- First prize, solo singing, on the international contest Lake Pearls - Struga , Macedonia.

*April 4th 2009- First prize on the State competition for solfege- Skopje, Macedonia.

*2008- Got awarded as the 5th best student in Ohrid, on a competition for English language, and mathematical knowledge.

*June 28th 2008- First special prize on the international festival held by the community of the Serbian Republic.

*May the 22nd 2007- Honorable mention from my elementary school for affirming it.

*April the 9th 2007- Honorable mention on the international contest Makedonium M in Skopje, Macedonia.

*April the 8th 2007- First prize on the State competition for solfege- Bitola, Macedonia.



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is an established professional mezzo soprano who loves to connect to her audience through music. Her dedication and passion have been recognized with awards, praise, and enthusiasm.